Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Runners paintings

The following runners paintings are still for sale - I am donating 20% of proceeds to the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund in February. Contact me by email for further details -

As I am training at the moment for the Bath half marathon I thought I would dig out some of my paintings from the Olympics theme in 2012. The long runners picture below was displayed at the Corn Exchange in Newbury, it looked great in the foyer. It measures 1.35m long so you will need enough space to hang it.

Runners after the start - £400

The next painting, used to advertise my open studio, was of Reading Half Marathon runners.

Runners at the bend - £340

My next two paintings are mixed media and were great fun to do. They both come with dark grey mounts.

Mass of runners at the start - £90

Half Marathon runners on newspaper - £65

See our justgiving page for more details of sponsorship


A couple of weeks ago I enjoyed a lino-printing workshop with Sarah Morrish. This is a relief printing technique which is similar to wood engraving. This course was great at teaching the proper techniques and allowed me to ask questions about problems I had trying it out.

Shell lino cut 
I have included some images of the work I have done so far. I enjoyed being able to experiment. For me it was important to have a rough design idea traced out then work free hand with the tools. In that way I used the tools much like I use a brush to accentuate the lines. I also discovered mistakes where I left some of the lino behind added character particularly with the shell markings. I like the water movements in the punting lino-print which were done free-hand by thinking about the movement. The Barcelona figures is perhaps the least finished but I like the shadows so have left it for now.

Cambridge Punting

Let me know what you think? I hope to do more and perhaps use some different colours, I particularly want to try sepia. I am planning to sell them as cards or prints.

Barcelona figures