Monday, 30 March 2020

On the other side of the world!

Today is the 30th March 2020. A week ago I had a text from my friend Hazel while on holiday to tell us that New Zealand was going into level 4 lockdown in 2 days. We needed to decide what to do .. holiday over .. go home? No flights. Return to Auckland and be locked down with them. We were so grateful for her offer, at least we had a friend who could help us.

It has been surreal hearing all the news. Is it really happening and I feel like I'm upside down? Especially as we contact loved ones at home at the beginning and end of our day .. rather strange.

I finally feel like I am listening .. the road messages are clear ... Stay calm, be kind.

I read this message in the park today - not sure if it's Maori text?
"That this incoming tide is not the breaking of waves upon the reef, but the rising tide of humankind reaching for this distant horizon, carried ashore upon hopes and aspirations.
Welcome to the pillow on which rests the dreams of those who came before you""

I also overheard a Maori man say "it's time everyone slowed down".

Feeling so lucky to be here.