Thursday, 4 May 2017

Cafés trilogy

I am currently showing a trilogy of Café scenes at the West Ox Arts Gallery in Bampton, Oxfordshire. The culture of sitting in cafés is very much the in thing now and I just loved bringing these three pictures together for the Trilogy exhibition. On my current theme of presenting more information I wrote a short piece about how they came about (see below). If you want to visit they are showing until Sunday 28th May, please check for details.

Shaded corner café, Lisbon (left)
I was lucky to spend a few days in the lovely city of Lisbon. The days were hot and the whole place seemed to glow in a wonderful yellow light. This café was nestled in the shade of an old building. The people sitting there captured my interest whilst I was observing from a park bench nearby.

Back street café, Dubrovik (middle)
A holiday trip to this medieval city reminded me of days gone by without cars and the modern trappings of life. This back street café sheltered people from the heat of the sun but there was wonderful illumination by light streaming from the passageways. I can remember the warmth of the stone walls and pavements. The waitress with her bobbed hair caught my interest in particular.

Café with green canopies, Vence, France (right)
I love the light dancing around the canopies of this café. It is one that I know well from my days living in Vence in the south of France. It sits next to the “Place du Grand Jardin” with its regular markets. I often visited this café, meeting up with friends from my French classes.