Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Sunlight on the cafés, Antibes

It was just over 10 years ago that I went back to France for a painting week with Mitch Waite at Maison des Art. We spent a whole afternoon sketching in Antibes .. I had previously visited Antibes many times when we were living in Vence. It was the start of a series of paintings of Antibes culminating in my French Life solo exhibition in Newbury.

That trip was also the start of my interest in painting Café scenes .. the café culture of France appears to have really caught on now. I have painted many places but I am often drawn by the cafés as they are good places to sit and paint or sketch as I can really observe the people and the places.

So I was surprised to discover that one of my paintings from that period turned up for auction in Scotland (see below from catalogue .. a bit blurred). So lovely to see it again as it brings back lots of fond memories.

Sunlight on the cafés Antibes

Interestingly I still have one painting left from that time (see below) which I have held on to as I particularly liked it.
Antibes street scene

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