Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Connecting with my painting

It is funny how comments stick in your mind but in particular my tutor Mitch Waite always talked about connecting with the subject of the painting. I was once really struggling with a painting and he sat me down on a chair for 10 minutes and told me to really look and feel the painting. It is amazing what a difference this makes - if I am struggling with something I often follow this advice.

I have learnt that a painting is a whole, it has to all work together as one, it is important to work all the parts to maintain the vigour and excitement.

I am lucky that I am able to capture an image in my mind and hold it there - the feeling of light, colours bouncing around and just something that lifts what I see. Not sure if I am making sense - but it basically boils down to painting what you feel.

I have just finished this painting which illustrates the point. I was walking through Trastevere in Rome with my daughter and we suddenly saw this scene with the wonderful light. I was so excited I had to stop and take photos - I could feel the warmth of the sun, the dappled light through the trees, the halos of light on the people, reflected light on the buildings and on the ground, wonderful dancing light on the cobbles, the gentle hum of people relaxing in the café - amazing. Then each time I have taken those feelings in my mind when I have painted. I am pleased with the result see below.

Afternoon light on the cobbled streets, Rome

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